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Equation for Life!

Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Catchy, huh?  I can’t take credit…this is the title of a book by Tullian Tchividjian that Blessings Unlimited general manager Dan Arnsperger shared with those in attendance at Leadership conference in January, and I finally found time to start reading it.  I’m about half-way through, and it is a fantastic book!  I’ll be sharing a few quotes that particularly caught my attention here and on my Facebook page over the next few days or weeks (or could be months!).  I’d love to hear your thoughts, and for you to check out this book!

“the gospel doesn’t simply rescue us from the past and rescue us for the future; it aso rescues us in the present from being enslaved to things like fear, insecurity, anger, self-reliance, bitterness, entitlement, and insignificance”

Now this is true freedom!  And it is ours if we are in Christ.  This is not the prosperity gospel.  He never promised us riches or a life free from problems-far from it- but He walks with us-carries us when needed-every step of the way!  He gives us the courage and the strength to face whatever is in our path-both good and bad.  It is my desire and prayer that I learn to truly live in His freedom.  Who wants to join me?

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I’ve been really hoping we would have a big sale before Christmas…and here it is!  Starting at midnight PST tonight, and things will probably sell out quickly, so if you need some fantastic bargains on some GREAT gifts, let me know ASAP!

Incredible deal-flash sale

So sorry that I haven’t had time to post any thoughts on the Proverbs 31 study, or write any earth-shattering posts (LOL)…I try not to post only sales-related info here, but this is too exciting not to share it!

Happy Birthday to the King set for only $29!

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Anyone else Unglued?


Can you relate to this scenario as well as I can?:

There would be no Proverbs 31-ish award given to me that night. No kids to rise and call me blessed. No husband bragging about me at the city gates. No laughing at the days to come. Indeed, nothing but tears and regret. Big, huge piles of regret”.  (TerKeurst, Lysa (2012-08-07). Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions (Kindle Locations 144-146). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.)  followed by “There was no tidy ending to that day. No redeeming moment. No epiphany that rushed into my conscience and showed me how to fix it all. Just more stuff on my already overwhelming to-do list.” (TerKeurst, Lysa (2012-08-07). Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions (Kindle Locations 148-149). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.)

I’m participating in Melissa Taylor’s online Bible study of Lysa Terkeurst’s latest book, Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions.  When I saw the first hints about this book months before it was released, I knew this was one I could not miss…I need the message of this book.  And the realization that I am not at all alone-far from it!- in this struggle of managing my emotional reactions to situations has been a blessing in itself.  We are finishing up the first week of this study- just the first two chapters of the book, and it has already given me so much hope and encouragement!  If this is an area you struggle with, check out these quotes from the book:

I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control.”

“I can’t control the things that happen to me each day, but I can control how I think about them. I can say to myself, “I have a choice to have destructive thoughts or constructive thoughts right now. I can wallow in what’s wrong and make things worse, or I can ask God for a better perspective to help me see good even when I don’t feel good.”

“…as I long as I believe— really believe — God is there and that He is out to do me good, I can stop freaking out trying to fix everything on my own. I can rest in the fact that God is in control.”

“We can’t always fix our circumstances, but we can fix our minds on God. We can do that.”

Yes, I am extremely busy, just as most working moms are (and even though I’m particularly referring to working as employment outside the home, I am well aware that all moms are working moms!)  It is very, very difficult to consistently make time to keep up with a Bible/book study, but it is so worth it when it has such a huge impact on my most important relationships- with my Lord and Savior, and with my family.  If this topic resonates with you, join us!  It’s not too late :)  We are having a blog hop today, so it is a perfect time to check it out.  Just go to Melissa Taylor’s blog and check it out!  (You can learn more about the book on its webpage.)

Hoping you’ll join me in making imperfect progress!



Proverbs 31 study

OK, I’m not making any promises, but the Proverbs 31 study I mentioned has begun on Facebook (if you want to be a part of that group, you will need to be my Facebook friend so that I can add you to the group-just send me a message), and I’m going to do my best to at least post the reading schedule and maybe a few comments or thoughts here once a week or so.  If you are new here, or just don’t know what Proverbs 31 study I’m talking about, this is a wonderful study written by Courtney of Women Living Well ministries and Good Morning Girls titled The Proverbs 31 Woman-One Virtue At A Time. You can get the ebook free by subscribing to Courtney’s blog.  You can also download the study guide here, or just the reading plan (included in the study guide) here. All of the videos and posts from when they did the study on the blog are archived here.

The first week assignments are simply to read the first 9 verses of Proverbs 31 and page 5 of the eBook.  In general, I will try to post toward the end of the week with thoughts from the current week’s reading, but I want to start out here by saying that I found just this first page from the ebook both enlightening and encouraging!  It is very helpful (at least to me) to understand who this incredibly intimidating  woman was, and why this chapter of Proverbs was written.  I expect to be blessed and stretched through this study, and hope you’ll join me!

September Hostess Promotion is AMAZING!

It’s September already??!! September is a very special month- it is both Blessings Unlimited anniversary month AND my anniversary month with Blessings Unlimited :) The traditional September hostess promotion is DOUBLE HOSTESS CREDITS!! Yes, that means host a gathering in September and earn double the normal credit for FREE products and double the half-price products from your wish list (and don’t forget that Christmas is right around the corner!!!) And, in addition to earning double the credit for free products, host a qualifying gathering and you still get to take advantage of an amazing deal with hostess exclusive pricing!  I’m filling up my calendar quickly, so contact me to schedule your fun & inspirational girlfriend time soon!

Proverbs 31 study anyone?

For those of you who participated in the 7 Days of Hope several months ago, I hope you see this post!  We talked about doing the Good Morning Girls Proverbs 31 study together, but I have been so overwhelmed with life that I had put that on hold.  Also, though it probably wasn’t really necessary, I felt that I should get Courtney Joseph’s (the author) blessing on my using the book in a public forum.  She very graciously granted her approval, but I still have felt that I just didn’t have time right now to do justice to the study.  Well, I learned today that Wendy, one of our participants from the 7 Days of Hope is going to start this study on facebook.  I would like to try to post here from that study as well, but am not (yet at least) committing to do so!  Just wanted to invite any who are interested to contact me for addition to the facebook group.  I know this study will be a blessing to all of us!


Exciting News from Blessings Unlimited!


Well, I’m back from our Summer Jam national conference, and it was absolutely incredible! What a great, fun group of Christian women (and a few men!). Our welcome from Dayspring was heartwarming, participating in praying over new consultant kits ready to ship was inspiring, the sessions were great…ok, I guess you get the point! Lots of exciting news too…a new partnership with Compassion International that I am thrilled to take part in. And new Hostess Exclusive Pricing, Hostess and Guest special promotions, fantastic new products, beautiful new catalog…please check it all out!!

New Fall Catalog

New Hostess Rewards for the Fall!

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